four perceivers books

Teenagers with mind powers fight to survive in four compelling novels


I’m just sorting out my website after a house move which took up waaaaaay more time and energy than I had planned.

Hope to have more to put here soon.

Bits and Blogs

I moved house!

Just a quick note to let you know that I recently moved house which, I discovered, is a bad thing to do when you're a writer. My whole energy went into getting the place up and running and I've got very behind in my writing, not to mention keeping my website ticking...

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My Radio Job

I discovered the other day, that if you type my name – Jane Killick – into Google, the suggestion for what to type next is "BBC". Unsurprising, seeing as my day job is working for the BBC, but it made me realise that I didn't have anything on my website about life on...

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I seem to have fallen down a rabbit hole

Photo (c) 3Dalia c/o Dreamstime If you don't want to lose yourself down a rabbit hole — don't start thinking about refurbishing your house! That's where I've disappeared to in recent months. I think I must now have watched every property programme Channel 4 has ever...

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Making the Perceivers Covers

The raw photo that became the cover for Mind Control I knew that getting the right covers for the Perceivers series was going to be tough. The usual method is to find a picture from a stock photo site and manipulate to become part of a great cover. But not only...

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Perceivers Paperbacks Winner Announced

Congratulations to Gay of Houston in Texas who was the winner of the whole Perceivers series in paperback. Her prize is now on its way. Thank you to everyone who entered the competition. It was a great success and I hope to run more in the future. Make sure you are...

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