Book 4 Finished! Mind Power: Perceivers #4 is on its way!

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Not Long to Wait Now…

On Friday, I typed those amazing words, The End, on my manuscript for Mind Power: Perceivers #4. It’s been an incredible journey for Michael and his friends and I am looking forward to sharing it with you soon. This is the final book of the series and, I hope, answers some of those questions everyone wanted to know. I’m not a fan of series that go on forever until all the originality has been wrung from them, so I hope that the fourth and final book brings the story to a satisfying conclusion.

As for release date, well that’s still a bit flexible. It depends what happens when the editor gets back to me. There maybe a few more tweaks to be done. As always, keep checking back here for updates. Better yet, sign up for my newsletter and get the news direct to your inbox!

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Mind Evolution: Perceivers #3

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Mind Evolution: Perceivers #3

Michael looks into the minds of businessmen driven mad, as his relationship with Pauline grows in the latest thrilling instalment of the Perceivers series.

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My Author Interviews

With the Perceivers series in full swing, things are a little crazy as Mind Control has just come out, Mind Evolution is due to come out next month and there’s the little matter of actually writing Mind Power so it can come out as scheduled in April/May. So what am I doing? Tinkering with my website, of course.

Back in 2014 / 2015 I carried out a few interviews with writers of women’s fiction and did some amazing (well, I thought they were amazing — they took me ages!) animations to go with those interviews. It was once possible to get to them via the main menu, but that option has now disappeared as I added a page to sign up to my newsletter (have you signed up yet? you’re missing out, y’know!). I didn’t want them to disappear entirely, so they are now on their own Author Interviews page.

The one thing that’s not on that page is my interview with the late science fiction author Iain M Banks. This happened in front of a live audience at Eastercon 2010: Odyssey. So I thought I’d pop it in here for anyone who missed it first time round.

Perceivers 2 release offer

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Also available in paperback at £8.99 / $12.99
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Mind Control: Perceivers #2

The second Perceivers novel has just been released and, as a special offer, is available for 99c / 99p in ebook for its release week only. It’s only the month since the release of the first novel, but I’ve been preparing this for a while so it’s great to see it finally here.

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A new generation with mind powers gets drawn into a conspiracy of controlling minds, international espionage and murder in this thrilling second novel of the Perceivers series.

Michael — now part of an elite group of telepaths called perceivers — works with the police to look into the minds of criminals. But when the thoughts of a suicide bomber reveal his mind was programmed by an outside force, Michael suspects the work of a rogue perceiver. Going undercover to investigate, Michael discovers a deadly experiment which sends him on a lone mission to save his father and protect the perceivers’ secrets, while testing his powers to the limit.

A page-turning thriller which mixes action and science fiction with the forging of new friendships and the troubles of Michael’s past, Mind Control makes an exciting, unputdownable read.

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Mind Secrets available in paperback

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Sometimes, you’ve just got to have it in paperback. Well, now that’s possible with the release of Mind Secrets: Perceivers #1 in traditional dead tree format. I’ve kept the price low to encourage you to take the paper plunge! It’ll cost you about £6.99 or $8.99 (sometimes less!) of your Earth credits (links below1).

If you’ve embraced digital, then I’ve decided to extend the launch price of the ebook, which currently remains at $0.99 / £0.99 because that’s the kinda gal I am.

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You can also order fromWaterstones | B&N | Book Depository (ships worldwide) | or have a chat with your favourite bookshop

Perceivers #2 Coming Soon!

There’s just a few more finishing touches before Mind Control, Perceivers #2 is ready to be released. Assuming I don’t get struck down by that horrible flu which seems to be going round at the moment, it will be released to the world on Tuesday February 16. This comes as I’ve finished writing Mind Evolution, Perceivers #3 which has now gone to the lovely Wendy to check for typos and the occasional paragraph where my brain had a meltdown. So I’ve just been beyond busy. Thanks so much for checking back on this blog.