cartoon rabbits pokes head out of hole

Photo (c) 3Dalia c/o Dreamstime

If you don’t want to lose yourself down a rabbit hole — don’t start thinking about refurbishing your house!

That’s where I’ve disappeared to in recent months. I think I must now have watched every property programme Channel 4 has ever made. I’ve been looking at kitchens and drawing up plans for knocking down walls and building extensions and it takes up a lot of brain power. That’s even before any work actually starts.

It means my writing has been sadly neglected. I have plotted out a new series and the covers are done, but nothing much has happened beyond the first chapter. But I’m getting back into the swing of it now and starting to work on stuff.

I’ve also been behind on admin which is the first thing I’m having to catch up on. The good news is that the Perceivers books are now available in all the major stores online and not just Amazon (they are publishing as I write, it might take a couple of days for them to show up). This is brilliant for everyone who isn’t wedded to their Kindle. I’ve got a few emails to do and some bits and pieces to get out of the way (sorry if I owe you an email!), then I’ll be writing again. I’ve missed it, I have to say.

So what’s up with the house refurbishment? Well it all came to a head when an architectural technician recommended by a local builder came round to look at the house to draw up plans for the proposed extension. He turned out to be the most unhelpful man you would ever have the displeasure to meet. He just stood there and went “NO” a lot and kept saying that it would cost the sort of money I thought it would cost and therefore wasn’t worth bothering with. So I’m not going to employing him to do any work (with his attitude, I wonder why anyone would employ him) and I’m using the services of a nice architect instead. At least she understands how the work will make the house better to live in.

I was getting very stressed about it all, especially after “Mr No”‘s visit. Now, however, stress levels have diminished and I’m back at my computer. Which has to be a good thing.