The exciting news is that I am writing a new science fiction series of novels which will be coming out late this year. Unfortunately, to prepare for that, my romantic comedy novels and stories are going out of print. I want to thank everyone who read and enjoyed them.

My women’s fiction will be coming out in a new form later this year, including a few stories not yet published. If you would like to be informed when these books are available, please sign up to my newsletter, the link for which is on the right sidebar if you scroll down a bit (if you’re on a mobile or tablet, it’s at the bottom of the page, scroll down a lot!). Or drop me a line via the contact page: Email me .

In the meantime, there may still be a few copies of favourites like If Wishes Were Husbands and Fairy Nuff at various retailers, particularly in paperback, but they will be disappearing very soon. So if you want to pick up a copy, now would be the time!