Mind Power cover

Not Long to Wait Now…

On Friday, I typed those amazing words, The End, on my manuscript for Mind Power: Perceivers #4. It’s been an incredible journey for Michael and his friends and I am looking forward to sharing it with you soon. This is the final book of the series and, I hope, answers some of those questions everyone wanted to know. I’m not a fan of series that go on forever until all the originality has been wrung from them, so I hope that the fourth and final book brings the story to a satisfying conclusion.

As for release date, well that’s still a bit flexible. It depends what happens when the editor gets back to me. There maybe a few more tweaks to be done. As always, keep checking back here for updates. Better yet, sign up for my newsletter and get the news direct to your inbox! https://janekillick.com/newsletter.

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