A friend of mine emailed me out of the blue earlier this year saying she was beginning a series of books with other writers and asking if I wanted to be involved. Well, I had my own series I was supposed to be writing, but when she said it would be space adventure with a little romance, I was immediately interested. I lovethis sort of stuff and thought immediately of Lois McMaster Bujold’s books, especially her books featuring a female protagonist such as Shards of Honor. Not to mention all the TV shows I devour such as Farscape and Killjoys.

I was in! Suddenly I had a deadline and people in the group I couldn’t let down. But this is what I wanted. It’s what I needed. I was writing again and it was brilliant.

Traitor’s Code is the third novel to be set in the Obsidian Rim universe and the first in my own Freelancer series. It’s available to pre-order now ahead of release on the 4thof June.

Intrigue, adventure and love on the edge of the galaxy.