fairy-300pxOut on September 15th is Fairy Nuff, my alter ego’s latest novel to make you smile is released.

Making wishes come true sounds idyllic until they go hilariously wrong — which they always do for Julie in this light-hearted, funny novel with a twist of fantasy and a smidgen of romance.

Julie’s trouble begins when she bumps into her ex-boyfriend at a friend’s fancy dress party. Her troubles double when things get romantic and she discovers the costume stuck to her body. Magically melded to her skin, it won’t come off — not for work, not for a wash, and especially not for sex!

Dressed as a fairy, Julie Nuffield (or “Nuff” to her friends) discovers everything she wishes for comes true — but never in the way she expects. As each wish provokes new disasters, she begins a quest to discover the secret history behind the costume. Only when she reveals its purpose can she find the right wish to bring her happiness. Until then, she must live as the woman they call Fairy Nuff.

As an ebook from September 15th: Amazon UK and Amazon.com

If you want to get your hands on a paperback, they’ve snuck out of the release gates early here: Amazon UK and Amazon.com

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