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Mind Power: Perceivers #4

Jane Killick

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When the peace between norms and perceivers breaks down, Michael must take his fight to the heart of power in this thrilling novel about young people with special powers.

Hiding the truth about his ability to read minds and move objects with his thoughts, Michael resists Pauline’s plea to help save the perceivers. But when the hatred from normal people hits close to home, he’s forced to take action.

Battling betrayal, rogue military forces and murder, Michael uncovers a conspiracy hidden within the walls of Parliament. Faced with the shocking truth, he joins forces with Pauline to stop the destruction of his perceiver friends and change the world forever.

Full of action, intrigue and adventure, Mind Power is the exciting conclusion to the Perceivers series. An unmissable read.

  • PAGES: 262 (trade paper)
  • RRP: £3.99/$4.99 (ebook) // £8.99/$12.99 (paperback)
  • PUBLICATION: April 2016
  • ISBN: 978-1908340252 (paperback – due May 2016)

Read an excerpt below…

Excerpt from Mind Power

What’s going on? their thoughts whispered. Are we under attack?

Michael looked around at the members of the Perceiver Corps in their regulation grey T-shirts and sweat pants – recognising a few of them from when he used to live there – until he caught up with Pauline.

“Any idea what this is?” he asked her.

“Some of the others think it was soldiers.”

“We’re under attack from our own people?”

“But they’re not our own people, are they?” said Pauline. “They’re norms.”

Norm the Norm came out of his office and ran down the stairs in a surprisingly agile manner. Cooper followed him down in a more measured walk.

“What’s all this?” demanded Norm.

A dozen voices tried explaining all at once.

“One at a time,” he said.

Norm shuddered as the glass window shattered behind him. A stream of tear gas arched into the room.

Michael’s mind gripped it almost immediately and threw it back out again. He didn’t think anyone saw. They were too busy being traumatised.

A woman’s voice screamed through the broken window. “Perceivers out!”

Other voices joined her in the chant: “Perceivers out! Perceivers out!”

They dissipated soon enough as the gas overwhelmed them, but as their voices dimmed, the sounds of them banging against the sides of the building took over.

“Everyone into the dining area!” Norm ordered and herded his charges into the back like a farmer herding sheep.

It was then that Michael saw Katya emerging from the accommodation wing. Somehow, presumably in her haste and confusion, she had put her maternity dress on backwards. She clasped at her pregnant belly as she walked uncertainly towards them.

Michael elbowed Pauline and pointed. Pauline went over to help her.

“What’s happening?” Katya’s Russian accented voice cried above the voices of the perceivers. “You said I would be safe here. I would have been safer in Russia!”

Cooper walked up to Norm, looking as flustered as the rest of them. “What the hell’s going on here, Macaulay?”

“It looks like the protestors have got in,” said Norm.

“Into a secure army base?” said Cooper.

Michael stepped in. “The other perceivers think it’s the soldiers,” he said. Then remembered to add, “Sir.”

“I thought I saw civilians,” said Norm.

“The others think the attack was started by soldiers, maybe they let the protestors in.”

“Do you know what you’re saying, Sanderson?” said Norm, using Michael’s surname like he used to when he had been stationed there.

Another gas canister sailed through the already-broken window and bounced towards them.

Outside, the crowd – because it was a crowd, judging by the large number of minds at the edge of his perception – broke into a chant again.

“We can’t stay here,” said Michael. “We’re sitting ducks.”

Michael turned and looked at the other perceivers huddled around the dining tables. Sitting on one of the tables away from them was Katya, with Pauline standing beside her holding her hand. He turned away from them and walked back towards the entrance.

“Sanderson, where are you going?” yelled Norm.

Michael ignored him. He got close enough to the window to perceive their individual minds. What he sensed was not a collection of individuals, it was a joining together of hatred and excitement fuelled by adrenaline. Like the emotions that had spurred on norms to beat up and, in some cases kill, during the perceiver riots.

The people outside were not a crowd, they were a mob.

Michael went back to Norm the Norm. “Have we got any weapons here?” he asked.

“Locked up safe in the armoury,” said Norm.

Michael sighed. The armoury on the other side of the base, on the other side of the mob. “That’s what I thought.”

“Not that we can use them on civilians.”

Michael was more thinking of firing in the air to scare them off, but the idea was a non-starter if they couldn’t get to the weapons easily.

“We’ll just have to wait it out,” said Norm. “I’m sure they will get bored eventually and go away.”

“I don’t think so, Sergeant,” said Michael. “You didn’t perceive them.”

“If you have any ideas, Sanderson, don’t keep them to yourself.”

He had an idea, but it wasn’t something he could pull off by himself. “Can you drive one of those big army trucks?” he asked.

“It’s been a while, but yes,” said Norm.

“Good, I think I’m going to need you.”

Jane Killick

Copyright, Jane Killick 2016

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