With the Perceivers series in full swing, things are a little crazy as Mind Control has just come out, Mind Evolution is due to come out next month and there’s the little matter of actually writing Mind Power so it can come out as scheduled in April/May. So what am I doing? Tinkering with my website, of course.

Back in 2014 / 2015 I carried out a few interviews with writers of women’s fiction and did some amazing (well, I thought they were amazing — they took me ages!) animations to go with those interviews. It was once possible to get to them via the main menu, but that option has now disappeared as I added a page to sign up to my newsletter (have you signed up yet? you’re missing out, y’know!). I didn’t want them to disappear entirely, so they are now on their own Author Interviews page.

The one thing that’s not on that page is my interview with the late science fiction author Iain M Banks. This happened in front of a live audience at Eastercon 2010: Odyssey. So I thought I’d pop it in here for anyone who missed it first time round.

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