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Out June 4th 2019


four perceivers books

Teenagers with mind powers fight to survive in four compelling novels

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Paperbacks of Mind Evolution and Mind Power are here

All the Perceiver novels are now available in paperback! Mind Evolution and Mind Power complete the set; joining Mind Secrets and Mind Control which have been out for a couple of months. You can see Mind Evolution on Amazon. And Mind Power on Amazon. Just for good...

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Science Fiction and Fantasy bargain weekend

Fantastic reading opportunities at 99c / 99p I'm delighted to be taking part in this amazing weekend with other authors which is giving readers a chance to read some amazing books for less than a pound/dollar/euro/Flanian pobble bead. Just pop over to this...

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Special Launch Offer: Perceivers #4

Mind Power: Perceivers #4 Michael takes his fight to the heart of power in the final, thrilling novel of the Perceivers series Launch offer The latest Perceivers novel, Mind Power is available at a special launch deal of 99c / 99p in ebook for THIS WEEKEND ONLY! View...

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Book 4 Finished! Mind Power: Perceivers #4 is on its way!

Not Long to Wait Now... On Friday, I typed those amazing words, The End, on my manuscript for Mind Power: Perceivers #4. It's been an incredible journey for Michael and his friends and I am looking forward to sharing it with you soon. This is the final book of the...

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Free Science Fiction & Fantasy — 90+ novels today only!

Once again, I'm thrilled to be taking part in this amazing opportunity to tell you about more than ninety science fiction and fantasy books which are available FREE for you to download to your Kindle or other ebook reader or app. But this is a one weekend only offer,...

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Mind Evolution: Perceivers #3

Mind Evolution: Perceivers #3 Michael looks into the minds of businessmen driven mad, as his relationship with Pauline grows in the latest thrilling instalment of the Perceivers series. Launch offer The new Perceivers novel, Mind Evolution is available at a special...

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