four perceivers books

Teenagers with mind powers fight to survive in four compelling novels


I’m just sorting out my website after a house move which took up waaaaaay more time and energy than I had planned.

Hope to have more to put here soon.

Bits and Blogs

Free Science Fiction & Fantasy — 90+ novels today only!

Once again, I'm thrilled to be taking part in this amazing opportunity to tell you about more than ninety science fiction and fantasy books which are available FREE for you to download to your Kindle or other ebook reader or app. But this is a one weekend only offer,...

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Mind Evolution: Perceivers #3

Mind Evolution: Perceivers #3 Michael looks into the minds of businessmen driven mad, as his relationship with Pauline grows in the latest thrilling instalment of the Perceivers series. Launch offer The new Perceivers novel, Mind Evolution is available at a special...

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Science Fiction and Fantasy Extravaganza

Wanna read some great science fiction and fantasy books for free? I'm delighted to be taking part in a fellow author's special deal to encourage more people to read books. For THIS WEEKEND ONLY, novels by such writers such as Patty Jansen and Mark E Cooper (and me!)...

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My Author Interviews

With the Perceivers series in full swing, things are a little crazy as Mind Control has just come out, Mind Evolution is due to come out next month and there's the little matter of actually writing Mind Power so it can come out as scheduled in April/May. So what am I...

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Perceivers 2 release offer

Also available in paperback at £8.99 / $12.99 Mind Control: Perceivers #2 The second Perceivers novel has just been released and, as a special offer, is available for 99c / 99p in ebook for its release week only. It's only the month since the release of the first...

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Mind Secrets available in paperback

Sometimes, you've just got to have it in paperback. Well, now that's possible with the release of Mind Secrets: Perceivers #1 in traditional dead tree format. I've kept the price low to encourage you to take the paper plunge! It'll cost you about £6.99 or $8.99...

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