Jane Killick on a beach

A picture of me on a beach in California taken by my friend Alan. Nothing to do with science fiction, but I like the picture and the post is about me, so I figured ‘why not?’.

I’ve been busy writing away this year with a new series of science fiction books about teenagers with special powers called Perceivers. In between times, I’ve been doing things like getting covers sorted for the series and re-launching my women’s fiction under a pen name.

So we’re now looking to release the Perceivers series in January 2016. When I say we, I’m sort of talking about the ‘royal we’. It’s just me, a trusted friend who reads the books before anyone else, my lovely proof reader who seeks out all my typos and my cover designer. There’s still a lot to do, so I really need to get my head down. But it’s really exciting seeing a story evolve, not just through one novel, but through a series of novels.

If you want to be kept informed about these books, you can sign up to my newsletter (link in the right sidebar — if you’re on a mobile device, you may need to scroll down). And I’ll definitely be posting here. I also need to re-design this website to make it more “science fiction”y and less “girl”y.

It may have seemed quiet in this neck of the woods, but we’re going for a big launch (that ‘royal we’ again) with releasing all four books at once. Or, possibly, just the first three with the fourth to come very soon after.

I guess you could say: watch this space!

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