four perceivers books

Teenagers with mind powers fight to survive in four compelling novels


I’m just sorting out my website after a house move which took up waaaaaay more time and energy than I had planned.

Hope to have more to put here soon.

Bits and Blogs

Entering the Obsidian Rim

A friend of mine emailed me out of the blue earlier this year saying she was beginning a series of books with other writers and asking if I wanted to be involved. Well, I had my own series I was supposed to be writing, but when she said it would be space...

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Life Changes … or How My House Refurbishment Took Over

I didn’t realise when I decided to do some work on my house how much it would take me away from my writing. Of course, I’d seen all of those Grand Designs programmes where it all goes horribly wrong, but I’d done my research and I believed could cope with...

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My Radio Job

I discovered the other day, that if you type my name – Jane Killick – into Google, the suggestion for what to type next is "BBC". Unsurprising, seeing as my day job is working for the BBC, but it made me realise that I didn't have anything on my website about life on...

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Making the Perceivers Covers

  The raw photo that became the cover for Mind Control I knew that getting the right covers for the Perceivers series was going to be tough. The usual method is to find a picture from a stock photo site and manipulate to become part of a great cover. But not only...

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Perceivers Paperbacks Winner Announced

Congratulations to Gay of Houston in Texas who was the winner of the whole Perceivers series in paperback. Her prize is now on its way. Thank you to everyone who entered the competition. It was a great success and I hope to run more in the future. Make sure you are...

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